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Biography / Travels
For a meeting with the current
President of CID
please write to the CID Secretariat for an appointment.   
Projects with Lviv Section CID
02/02/2017–07/02/2017  Nantes, France
Visits to dance schools.
19/01/2017-24/01/2017  Paris, France
Meetings at UNESCO

World Congress
08/11/2016-16/11/2016  Avignon & Paris, France
World Congress & UNESCO
22/10/2016-26/10/2016  Naples, Italy
Awarding International Certification
19/10/2016-20/10/2016  Istanbul, Turkey
Meeting with CID members
International Dance Festival
08/07/2016-12/07/2016 Istanbul, Turkey
Meting CID members.
26/04/2016–30/04/2016 Gyumri & Yerevan, Armenia
Renaissance Competition & University of Yerevan Dance Department
11/03/2016-22/03/2016  Paris, France
Meeting with the Bureau of CID

19/11/2015-23/11/2015   Warsaw, Poland
Lectures at the University of Warsaw
10/10/2015-15/10/2015   Paris, France
Meeting with the CID Bureau
12/09/2015-22/09/2015   Miami, Florida, USA
42nd World Congress on Dance Research
11/07/2015-21/07/2015   Bordeaux and Paris, France
Meetings with CID members
12/06/2015-16/06/2015   Paris, France
Meeting with CID officers and members
23/04/2015-28/04/2015   Istanbul, Turkey
International Certification awarding ceremony
14/04/2015-20/04/2015   Saint Petersburg, Russia
39th World Dance Congress
08/04/2015-11/04/2015   Bodrum, Turkey
Inauguration of the Bodrum Section CID
13/03/2015-19/03/2015   Paris, France
Meeting with CID Members
27/02/2015-03/03/2015   Istanbul, Turkey
Meetings with CID members
13/02/2015-17/02/2015   Lisbon, Portugal
Gala performance, Certification, meeting with the Minister of Culture

29/12/2014-31/12/2014   Istanbul, Turkey
Beyoglu Istanbul Section CID
12/12/2014-22/12/2014   Paris, France
04/12/2014-08/12/2014   Istanbul, Turkey
Lecture; meeting CID Members in view of founding Section
26/09/2014-30/09/2014   Tunis, Tunisia
Presentation of the new CID Tunis Section to the Minister of Culture
10/09/2014-13/09/2014   Belgrade, Serbia
Meeting with CID Belgrade Section members
09/08/2014-13/08/2014   Corfu, Greece
Visits to dance schools
15/03/2014-19/03/2014   Bucharest, Romania
Meetings with CID Members
07/03/2014-11/03/2014   Belgrade, Serbia
Meetings with the Minister of Culture and with CID Members
21/02/2014-25/02/2014   Istanbul, Turkey
Meetings with CID Members of the Beyoglu Section
13/02/2014-17/02/2014   Lisboa, Portugal
Meeting with CID members, visits to national dance schools
21/01/2014-23/01/2014   Istanbul, Turkey
Beyoglu Istanbul Section CID
20/12/2013-01/01/2014   Paris, France
CID headquarters.

21/11/2013-26/11/2013   Paris, France
CID headquarters.
05/11/2013-08/11/2013   Elista, Kalmykia, Russia
Festival in celebration of the 75 years of Boris Nadbitov
29/10/2013-05/11/2013   Saint Petersburg, Russia
Congress and General Assembly of the CID
20th Ballet Festival
25/09/2013-29/09/2013   Istanbul, Turkey
Visit to the Sariyer Section of the CID
05/07/2013-08/07/2013   Istanbul, Turkey
Visit to the Beyoglu Section of the CID
2013   Girokaster, Albania
16/06/2013-20/06/2013   Moscow, Russia
12th International Ballet Competition & General Assembly of the Federation of Ballet Competitions
28/04/2013-01/04/2013   Yerevan, Armenia
Celebration of Dance Day & lecture in the Pedagogical University.
12/04/2013-16/04/2013    Larnaca, Cyprus
Chairman of the Symposium "Choreography and Folk Dance"
12/03/2013-18/03/2013    Kiev, Ukraine
Lectures at universities, meetings with dance professionals
27/02/2013-03/03/2013   Istanbul, Turkey
Visits to dance schools.
17/02/2013-19/02/2013   Nice, France
University of Nice: Workshop "Psychoanalysis and Choreography",
19/02/2013-23/02/2013   Paris, France
Meeting with the President of the Paris Section CID
12/01/2013-16/01/2013   Monte Carlo, Monaco
Preparation of future Sections of CID

23/12/2012-26/12/2012   Istanbul, Turkey
Visit to the Beyoglu Section of the CID
11/12/2012-16/12/2012   Paris, France
General Assembly of the NGOs at UNESCO
24/10/2012-27/10/2012   Warsaw, Poland
Presentation of the Polish edition of his book "The world of Greek dance"
Lecture at the University of Warsaw on "The history of dance in Cyprus"
26/06/2012-02/07/2012   San Marino
32nd World Congress on Dance Research
01/06/2012-07/06/2012   Paris, France
Meetings at CID Headquarters
17/05/2012-21/05/2012   Paris, France
Meeting with UNESCO officials
27/02/2012-29/02/2012   Istanbul, Turkey
Invited by the Beyoglu Section to prepare the World Congress
17/02/2012-22/02/2012   Paris, France
Meeting with members of the CID Executive Committee
31/01/2012-06/02/2012   Novosibirsk, Siberia, Russia
7th Euro-Asian Competition of Choreographers and Ballet Masters

02/12/2011-07/12/2011   Paris, France
UNESCO Non-Governmental Organizations meeting
23/11/2011-28/11/2011   Istanbul, Turkey
Congress and General Assembly of the CID
11/11/2011-14/11/2011   Lodz, Poland
5th International Sergei Diaghilev Competition of Choreographic Art. Received the Amber Faun Diaghilev Prize.
05/07/2011-10/07/2011   Didimotiho, Greece
31st World Congress on Dance Research
12/06/2011-16/06/1011   Paris, France
Meeting of the CID Bureau
03/05/2011-06/05/2011   Paris, France
UNESCO, Meeting of the Executive Council Committee on NGOs
28/04/2011-03/05/2011    Moscow, Russia
10th World Dance Olympiad, Sokolniki Stadium
05/04/2011-07/04/2011    Skopje, Macedonia FYRO
Dance Fest, modern dance festival
15/03/2011-21/03/2011    Aviano, Friuli, Italy & San Marino
General Assembly of Unione Folclorica Italiana & preparations for CID Congress in 2012
15/02/2011-21/02/2011    Paris, France

16/12/2010-23/12/2010    Paris, France
30/11/2010-07/12/2010    Cordoba, Spain
27th World Congress on Dance Research
22/11/2010-26/11/2010    Seoul & Guangju, South Korea
Asian Dance Collaboration Meeting and Symposium
27/10/2010-31/10/2010    Istanbul, Turkey
Performance of the Dora Stratou Dance Company
06/10/2010-10/10/2010    Istanbul, Turkey
Meeting with the Mayor of Sariyer and the Consul of Greece
25/09/2010-30/09/2010    Shanghai, China
Shanghai International Dance Fair
29/08/2010-01/09/2010   Gjirokaster, Albania
Meeting with cultural agents
29/06/2010-31/06/2010   Didimitiho, Greece
Meeting with the Mayor for the planned Congress

27/06/2010-29/06/2010   Kirklareli, Turkey

25/06/2010-27/07/2010   Istanbul, Turkey
Audience by the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew
10/06/2010-17/06/2010    Riga, Latvia
26th World Congress on Dance Research
05/06/2010-11/06/2010    Paris, France
Meetings with UNESCO officials
18/05/2010-23/05/2010    Paris, France
Meetings with UNESCO officials
13/04/2010-15/04/2010    Skopje, FYR Macedonia
Festival by the Skopje Section of CID-UNESCO
06/04/2010-11/04/2010    Istanbul, Turkey
25th World Congress on Dance Research
09/02/2010-15/02/2010    Moscow, Russia
World Congress on Dance Research
03/02/2010-07/02/2010    Riga, Latvia
Latvian National Committee for UNESCO. Rector of the Teacher Training Academy. Preparations for Congress.
13/01/2010-14/01/2010    Stimanga, Corinthia, Greece
New Year's celebration at a certified school
01/01/2010-08/01/2010    Paris, France
Moving to new office in the UNESCO headquarters

29/11/2009-03/12/2009    Paris, France
UNESCO Conference
04/10/2009-11/10/2009    Paris, France
UNESCO General Conference and Partners Forum
11/07/2009-21/07/2009    Malaga, Spain
CID World Congress on Dance Research
26/06/2009-28/06/2009    Andros, Greece
Folk Dance Festival
11/06/2009-12/06/2009    Skopje, FYR Macedonia
Inauguration of the Skopje Section of CID
06/04/2010-12/04/2009    Istanbul, Turkey
CID Congress on Dance Research
23/02/2009-28/02/2009    Madrid, Spain
Meetings at Ministry of Culture and Arts & Society of Authors Rights
11/02/2009-15/02/2009    Moscow, Russia
CID Congress on Dance Research
08/01/2009-15/01/2009    Paris, France
Madrid, Spain
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Quito, Ecuador
Mexico City, Mexico
Mannheim, Germany
Istanbul, Turkey
Urgup, Cappadocia, Turkey
Lecce, Italy
Madrid, Spain
Perm, Russia
Paris, France
Marseille, France
Miami, Florida, U.S.A.
Athens Greece
Paris, France
Brussels, Belgium
Cairo, Egypt
Amman, Jordan
Ochrid, FYR Macedonia
Istanbul, Turkey
Valeta, Malta
Belgrade, Serbia
Basel, Switzerland
20/05/2003    Budapest, Hungary
Invited speaker at the International Conference "The role of heritage in the 21st century", held by the European Folklore Institute, Hungarian Heritage House, CIOFF Hungary.
16/03/2002    Beograd, Serbia
Performance of the Dora Stratou Dance Theater at Sava Center
26/03/2001-28/03/2001    Lecce, Italy
Lecture at the University of Lecce
06/10/2000-08/10/2000    Cracow, Poland
Lecture at the University, performance and workshop by the Dora Stratou Dance Theater

1998 Germany

1998 Crakow, Poland
Performance of the Dora Stratou Dance Company



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