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Digital publications


 Greek Traditional CostumesAthens, Greek Dances Theater, 1996.


2.   Dance History Gallery. series of 7 CD-ROMs. Athens, Greek Dances Theater, 1999.


 Dance in the world today. Proceedings of the International Congress. Paris, International Dance Council - CIDParis, 2001.


 Orchesis. Texts on ancient Greek dance. Accompanied by a CD-ROM (with Anna Lazou & Malgorzata Borowska). Way of Life Publications & Dora Stratou Theater, 2003.


5.  The preservation of diversity. Proceedings of the 18th World Congress on Dance Research. Athens, I.O.F.A., 2004.

6.  Much more than movement. Proceedings of the 19th World Congress on Dance Research. LarnacaCyprus, 09-13/11/2005.

7.  Promotion of diversity. Proceedings of the 20th World Congress on Dance Research. Athens, 25-29/10/2006.

8.  Proceedings of the 21st World Congress on Dance Research. Athens, 05-09/09/2007.

9.  Greek Dance PandectAthens, Dora Stratou Theatre, 2008.

10.  Proceedings of the 22nd World Congress on Dance Research. Athens, 02-06/07/2008.

eBook available free of charge. Contact the Dora Stratou Dance Theater

12. Antologia de la poesia hispanica de la danza.

eBook available free of charge. Contact the Dora Stratou Dance Theater
13.  Danse et poésie. Anthologie internationale de poèmes sur la danse, 3ème édition augmentée. Athènes, Théâtre de danses grecques 'Dora Stratou' , 2014, 621 p.


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