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Save our Dances


A worldwide project of the CID,
recording and promoting the traditional dance repertoire

Raftis, Alkis: "Save our Dances", Tradition and Art 062, p. 19, Athens, I.O.F.A., March - April 2002.


1. Objectives

The first objective of the project is to record the dance repertoire of a village or a group of villages. The second objective is to make this repertoire known at an international level by utilizing the network of the CID. The third object is to show that local actors can take the promotion of local culture in their hands.


2. Medium

The final product is a video cassette or DVD. Quality of recording should be as good as possible, preferably of a standard accepted by TV stations. Video cassettes are accompanied by a booklet in English or French.


3. Content

The product records the entire dance repertoire as faithfully as possible, preferably executed by aged dancers, who have not learned the dances from a teacher but through the traditional process of immersion. It can also contain scenes from customs or other information on the social setting. Production is carried out by a team of CID members, to ensure compliance to the guidelines. Dance historians, ethnographers or other specialists should be used as consultants, to ensure the faithful reproduction of dances, music, costume, customs etc.


4. Accreditation

Once the product is completed, a certified copy is sent to the review committee, which decides upon acceptance in the series. If accepted, it is given a number which will appear on the cover, together with the mention "Save our Dances series of the International Dance Council - CID".


5. Promotion

The CID will post on its website information on each production included in the series and will use all its channels to present the series worldwide on a regular basis. It receives a quantity of copies in English or French for international promotion.


6. Financial

Production is financed by the producer, who then sells the product directly; there is no financial participation by the CID, which directs all prospective buyers to the producer.


7. Patronage

There is a high possibility that the series will be taken under the auspices of the UNESCO. In this case its prestige and audience will be multiplied.


Wednesday the 8th. Alkis Raftis Personal website.